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Why We Can Agree and Disagree with Black Lives Matter

Ever since Black Lives Matter launched as a nationwide movement, it has been the subject of numerous controversies from lies about crucial details in specific criminal cases to violent rioting. Even putting those aside, the movement still is a large mouthpiece for Leftist rhetoric that borders on full communism. However, there are elements of their arguments that are legitimate criticisms that conservatives have had for years, specifically regarding police training and attitudes.

Police training is both short and of a lower quality than what Americans ought to expect. This is a criticism BLM has had since the beginning and it is a painfully truthful one. Police in America have a training time of around five to six months, compare that to Germany’s two full years of training. Not only that, but courses there consist of better sensitivity training on how to not shoot and find better ways to solve critical problems when dealing with a criminal. This is not to say that police shouldn’t shoot, but rather to reduce the number of individuals who will get shot. After all, the purpose of policing is not only to keep society safe, but to make these harmful individuals turn their lives around and become level-headed citizens.

Police often seem very threatening, even when they are just patrolling. This could possibly be my own bias, but I have never done something illegal in my life, yet I feel less at ease when I see a police car go by. BLM says that only black people feel this way, but I suspect most individuals do, even when they are in a low crime area. However, police abroad in places like Canada or the UK feel like they are one of the people, only that their job is to protect them. Police in America seem to have a superiority complex, that they are above citizens and the law, which is unacceptable. That is not to say that is all cops, but it seems to be an image or public relations problem they ought to fix.

Also, Police in America rarely get convicted. The system is scarcely able to punish their own even when there is clear wrongdoing. In these high-profile shootings like Philando castile, it is highly likely there was high negligence on the part of the officer, and that there should be an according punishment. However, the punishment never comes, and that is something that is harmful to all of us. If our police, an armed portion of the government, are unable to be held unaccountable, then how are they to obey the people they are meant to serve? It is imperative that bad apples are rooted out of the system and good ones are promoted and highlighted, otherwise policing will never get better.

The only issue is the conclusion Black Lives Matter reaches is that either police must go or the entire system must be torn down, neither of which is a decent answer to the problems that plague America’s policing. There is clear common ground for us to explore, but BLM continues to alienate the Right through their race-baiting rhetoric. Conservatives will never work with BLM to fix policing so as long as they continue to believe racism is a prime motivation in these shootings and that the institution is out to exterminate their race. It is simply flat-out false.



Jeremy Halt

Jeremy Halt attends school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and seeks out the truth in an ever misinformed, information-saturated environment. If you have any questions for Jeremy about his work, please contact him via Twitter @NerdwFro.


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