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Why You Should Vote Republican in the 2020 Election

This year is extremely important for not only the United States of America but for our world as we know it. The upcoming presidential election in only a handful of months has the potential to radically change every aspect of our lives. Theoretically, there are numerous potential outcomes for the 2020 election, but practically speaking, there are only a few. Realistically, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, and Elizabeth Warren are the only Democrat candidates in a place capable of achieving the Democrat nomination… versus President Donald Trump of the Republican party.

However, February 10th was of the utmost significance. According to Real Clear Politics, February 10th marks the day open socialist Bernie Sanders overtook Joe Biden’s originally enormous lead in the Democrat primary election polls. At his highest, former VP Joe Biden had a whopping 41.4% support, compared to Sanders’ 14.6 %, on May 11, 2019. Now today, March 2, 2020, Senator Bernie Sanders stands tall with 28.5%, while Biden trails at 20%. The only other candidate to surpass Biden is Senator Elizabeth Warren, barely tipping ahead on October 8, 2019 by a margin of 0.2%. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg came close two weeks ago at 16.1%, compared to Biden’s dropping 17.8%. Now Biden is on the come-up at 20%.

Your initial thought might be, “How does a (debatably) charismatic former VP go from an enormous lead out of the gate to a period of steadily declining support rate?” Alternatively, your initial thought might be, “How the heck is an open socialist leading the presidential primaries of one of the two main political parties in the U.S.A.?!” These are both reasonable questions I hope to answer, in addition to discussing the potentially hopeful or formidable implications of the practically feasible outcomes of the nearing 2020 presidential election.

So, what are the potential avenues down which our nation’s future might travel? Here are some of my speculations:

If Senator Elizabeth Warren tops her socialist male counterpart, Bernie Sanders, in the Democrat primaries and sitting President Donald Trump in the general election, we’ll see an angry woman with a chip of unknown origin on her shoulder using her position of leadership of the greatest nation on Earth to lash out at her imaginary “oppressors.” Education will become a joke, where the color of your skin not the extent of your abilities or work ethic will determine the opportunities presented to you. The nation will divide to the extremes upon lines of race, gender, and socioeconomic status. Discrimination will become pervasive in every aspect of life. Idiotic socialist policies will be forced upon everyone, and we might end up seeing some resemblance of the world in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Innovation will cease, and poverty will abound.

If tycoon Mike Bloomberg wins the primaries and the general to become the second consecutive exorbitantly wealthy president, I have absolutely no idea what we would see. He is one of the more moderate candidates running for the Democrat nomination. On one issue that’s not as hot-topic right now- drugs- Bloomberg stands in opposition to the federal legalization of marijuana. Additionally, on the issue of education, he acknowledges the success of charter schools and consistently condemns the bureaucracy of our public education system. Although he favors tighter gun regulations, Bloomberg has openly noted the imperfection of restrictive gun laws. In stark contrast to the typical Democrat hatred of Israel, in December 2019, he expressed support for their militaristic response to the Gaza rocket attacks. Despite the fact that Mike Bloomberg seems like a surprisingly tolerable candidate due to our overwhelming low expectations for Democrats, he is nonetheless running off a Left-wing platform. He rationalizes illegal immigration and wants to see the expansion of forced public healthcare, like ObamaCare. While he opposes a wealth tax (rightfully so) by claiming it is counterintuitive and additionally unconstitutional, he still supports a progressive tax system to punish success disproportionately. And most importantly, he fiercely defends the murder of the unborn as a “woman’s right” to kill a genetically unique being.

Moving on to former Vice President Joe Biden, we would see the rulership of bureaucrats anticipating his incapability of keeping up with the duties required of the presidency. Biden has been struggling to sustain coherency and sound reasoning and articulation. However, he toes the party line like no other, so he is beloved by the DNC. A win for Biden would be a huge win for the Democrat elite. The ever-edging Leftist agenda of the Democrats would prevail with Biden as their puppet.

Lastly, if Senator Bernie Sanders keeps up his lead, takes the Democrat primary, and wins the presidency, we will witness the first openly socialist president in the history of the United States of America. The repercussions will resemble those of Senator Warren except without a single obligation to the Democrat party.

However, we can prevent all of these foreboding implications with one simple solution: voting for the president who has debased unemployment, unraveled superfluous government regulation, explicitly reestablished the U.S. as the superpower of the globe, supported educational opportunities through school choice policies, cut taxes to increase innovation and incentives, among much more. President Donald Trump has exceeded my own expectations, giving me hope for four more years of freedom and prosperity.



Rachel Hall

Rachel is a Junior at Clemson University in the Lyceum Scholars Program. She manifests her passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ and politics in debate and writing. When she is not traveling, she is on a horse. You can follow her on Instagram @rachelsheridan__.


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