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Why I Left College For the Military

Growing up in West Central Illinois, I was exposed to, and lived in small town, rural, culture. Despite living in one of the most left of center states in the Union, I still had plenty of Conservative/Libertarian influences. Even in high school, not all of my teachers were leftist drones, spoon feeding us SJW propaganda and Cultural Marxism. This being said, it is still a very liberal state, and the aforementioned teachers did exist. There was, however a respectable amount of Intellectual Diversity.

At 17, as a junior in high school I made the pivotal decision to enlist in the Iowa Army National Guard. I figured I would do this so I could both serve my community and attend college at the same time. This way, I could better myself on two fronts and gain experience that would remain with me for the rest of my life.

Attending college was an awakening of sorts, for me as a young adult. The culture, attitudes of the students and professors, and atmosphere of the college I was attending was very different from high school. This, for the most part, was not a good thing. The majority of the professors and students were leftist zombies that simply didn’t want to hear the voice and opinions of opposing views. This, made me feel rather alone except for a couple of my buddies and just one or two professors that shared my Conservative/Libertarian views.

Here are a couple examples of the liberal propaganda that was being pushed down my throat.

I was in the criminal justice program, and you’d think all criminal justice professors would be pro police, but one in particular was not. She constantly made the current prison over population issue to be caused by systematic racism.

She also accused ALL police of having unconscious bias towards the black population. She failed to see that there are things known as patterns and police, especially in inner cities, profile accordingly. That’s why the FBI profiles whites when it comes to mass shootings as mass shooters tend to be white.

This same professor also tried to convince us that only whites could be racist as it’s not possible to be racist if you have no power (which is absolutely false).

There was forced diversity and sensitivity training was enacted under the guise of creative media.

English Comp II students were REQUIRED to watch Michael Moore’s documentary, “Bowling for Columbine”.

And our Psychology professor took valuable time and honestly, money, from her students by taking off work to attend the Women’s March.

After a couple of semesters of being spoon fed leftism, and listening to my professors constantly lambast and belittle the President and the very people I identified with, I had decided it was enough. I dropped out. Not long after that, and still to this day, I have been working to transfer from the Iowa National Guard to Active Duty Army. The processing and paperwork is finally nearing an end, and I will continue my duty as a soldier in another part of the country or the world. My hope is to gain experience and knowledge that I simply wasn’t getting in the leftist opium den that was supposed to be a higher place of learning. Only God knows where I will be five years from now, but what I know, is that it will be and I will be better than I was.



Geoffery George

Geoff (Godfrey) George was born and raised in West Central IL. He's a member of the US Army and it's his personal belief that all too often, the government is not our friend. As a Christian and amateur historian, he believes that our Great Nation was founded on Judeo-Christian ideals and values. He believes that our country was also founded upon Western culture and values which is in part, why he believes the West is the best.


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