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Why Does Everyone Hate Ken Cuccinelli?

On Monday, June 10, President Donald Trump appointed former Attorney General and state senator Ken Cuccinelli to the position of director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This appointment was met with immediate dissent from every angle. Of course, Democrats despised the appointment of a devout Constitution-loving patriot to any position of authority. With almost equal distaste, many Republicans have rejected Cuccinelli’s rise to power. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell emphasized his “lack of enthusiasm” with regard to Cuccinelli (Roll Call- here’s the link if you wanna include it:

           Who is Ken Cuccinelli anyway? Born in New Jersey, Ken Cuccinelli is a 50-year-old politician and lawyer who received his bachelor’s degree of mechanical engineering from the University of Virginia and his graduate and law degree from George Mason University (Ballotpedia- also if you wanna include: From 2002 to 2010, Cuccinelli served in the Virginia State Senate, from which he moved on to serve as the Attorney General of Virginia. He ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2013, closely tailing Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe. Though politics and government have played a constant role in his professional life, Cuccinelli has maintained one foot in the private sector through his law firm Cuccinelli & Day, PLLC, which is based in Fairfax, Virginia. Personally, Cuccinelli is a self-proclaimed Roman Catholic, husband to wife Tiero, and father to seven children (National Review- link: He volunteers frequently for miscellaneous causes such as sexual assault, homelessness, and recreational basketball.

        Now that we have explored a little bit of who exactly Ken Cuccinelli is, why does everyone hate him? One of Cuccinelli’s main accomplishments and what has most likely made him so controversially well-known is his Senate Conservatives Fund, “a national grassroots organization that promotes conservative policies and helps elect conservative candidates who will stand up to the liberals in both parties” (Senate Conservatives Fund-link: This organization pledges to “bring bold conservative leadership to Washington by supporting candidates who have the courage to fight for limited government, a strong national defense, and traditional family values.” The Senate Conservatives Fund take many a brazen stance, winning its members many an enemy. However, the organization fiercely supports the candidates who embody its deep-rooted conservative values. Friends of the Senate Conservatives Fund include Senator Mike Braun, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Ted Cruz, among others (Senate Conservatives Fund).

The pure objectivity and utter void of gray area marking the organization also mark the man himself, Ken Cuccinelli. As such, consistent proponents of arbitrary inconsistency and subjectivity despise both Cuccinelli and his (in)famous organization. Lack of compromise makes up the foundation of Cuccinelli’s personal and political character, and it also comprises the foundation of his enemies’ odium.

And now, there is new fuel to the fire! As Ken Cuccinelli leaps up to the position of director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, not one of his enemies has hesitated to lunge for the throat. Cuccinelli’s Leftist opponents bemoan his “inhumane” and “heartless” policy positions on immigration (I guess he’s inhumane, if wanting people to obey the law is inhumane, & I guess he’s heartless, if looking out for the interests of your own country and its citizens is heartless). Meanwhile, his Republican foes are slinging up mud about “Cuccinelli supported whom?” and “Cuccinelli was against whom?” only serving to agitate people’s fears of corrupt politicians caring solely for party interests and power plays instead of real constituent issues.

The real question: Is this bipartisan hatred justified? Not at all! In fact, I believe newly appointed Director Ken Cuccinelli ought to be praised for his firmness of stance and his strength of conviction. Ken Cuccinelli has demonstrated himself to be a figure set apart from party puppets and immune to irrational bleeding-heart policy, who is more than able to weather the storm of Leftwing demonization and Rightwing superficiality.

Furthermore, with particular regard to his new immigration responsibilities, our immigration system- and our nation as a whole, for that matter- desperately needs the guidance of such a man as Ken Cuccinelli. Thank God we now have him!



Rachel Hall

Rachel is a Freshman at Clemson University in the Lyceum Scholars Program. She manifests her passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ and politics in debate and writing. When she is not traveling, she is on a horse. Please don't hesitate to contact her via Twitter @realrachelhall. God bless!


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