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What Harvey Weinstein Reveals About Elite American Culture

Can America free itself from the hold of the illusion of power?

In 2009, a man said that, “Hollywood has the best moral compass.” Turns out, that man was hiding a secret of misogynistic and terrible behavior; his name is Harvey Weinstein. Many people have already talked about this case, so you’ve heard a lot about it, but I wanted to reveal what this means in a broader context.

When Donald Trump’s tape leaked about his grabbing women, people all over (except those who see DJT as god) converged in condemning this type of speech. Many of the people who were most vocal came from the ranks of those who reside in Heaven on Earth (as they see it), Hollywood, California. They visualize themselves as moral authorities, the Greek gods of our time, showing the light of truth in a time of disillusionment. They made attacks against President Trump’s character, they made broad statements about fascism, Nazism, misogyny, homophobia and a ton of really scary words. As we’ve passed the anniversary of election day, we’re reminded again of not only Hillary Clinton and her base’s incompetency and brass, but also the day Hollywood failed. It’s no secret that Hollywood is far left; a reality of the situation is that they tried to force a candidate that America didn’t like down our throats.  This drove us towards a candidate that was as fed up with it we were, even if we previously were on the side of someone else. Donald Trump is far from a perfect candidate and far from a perfect president, but with the way Hollywood squirms with everything he says, 2020 is likely to have a similar result.

As I’ve tried to articulate before, throughout the course of the 2016 election, Hollywood tried to tell us they were right. They tried to tell us they had morals, they had answers and that they truly cared about America. The problem is, they didn’t at all. They didn’t care about the problems facing this country outside of far-left buzzwords and accepting illegal immigration. America recognized it, and that’s why they lost. Since then, they’ve only gotten worse. Despite the successful Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Wonder Woman, Hollywood had one its worst summers ever that only made . This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re tired of their politics, but it does mean that we are tired of their repetitive nature and lack on creativity. We’re finding other ways to be entertained than by paying around 50 dollars (if you include food) to sit in a movie theatre with a bunch of strangers in the dark for 2 and a half hours and end up wasting your life. Hollywood isn’t just starting to lose against pushback from even left leaning moderates, but it seems like they’re losing our attention as well.

This allegation against Mr. Weinstein isn’t just about how one man can be terrible. We do know this, and it has been a wakeup call to, not only men, but to woman as how far spread sexual assault has been spread. Some of these cases are probably exaggerated, wherein the rise of feminism has made some women so weak they need government intervention for everything, it alerts us that we need to be more reasonable with our interactions with each other. The #MeToo hashtag was really sad to see, however it is not indicative of “rape culture”. The thing that made what happened with Mr. Weinstein so horrible is that people knew. He had close friends who knew, people who had to be with him to get where he was, and nobody said a thing. Everyone in Hollywood (minus Denzel, I know he’s perfect) seems to have sold their soul to become who they are. They make lots of money sure, but their entire lives they spend in a shell of themselves. They throw on makeup, change their accents and use CGI to become different people and expect us to believe them when they say they know reality all the while, they live lifestyles that are completely unwholesome. The entire arena is rife with affairs, rape and as revealed by Elijah Wood, pedophilia. The allegations are piling up against them, including big names like Kevin Spacey and Ben Affleck.

Now, we’re getting more information about Roy Moore who’s in a senate race messing around with a 14-year-old when he was 30. Al Franken has a picture of him groping a sleeping military woman. Allegations are swarming everywhere and it is a little scary honestly because we don’t know who’s next. This isn’t the way it should be however. If we really want to discourage this behavior everyone, we need to all stop developing callouses. We should listen to allegations but we should also find evidence of the actual crimes being committed. We need to promote ideas of respecting one another and stop letting the mere instinct or the television raise our children. I’ve seen a lot of dumb things said over every case we’ve seen and there are so many culture shifts that need to be made for us to overcome this. 6 months ago everybody was either making fun of Mike Pence or commenting on his childish nature because he couldn’t control himself but yet no one has brought up a sexual assault allegation against him. That rule may not be for everyone, but there has to be at least some standard. It doesn’t matter your party line, what matters is whether you have respected the people of the country you claim to serve.

So much could and has been said about all of these people and the culture of distrust building. Women can’t trust men because they’re afraid of being raped, men can’t trust women because we’re afraid of rape accusations. People can’t trust the people they watch on TV because they’re complete hypocrites and their politicians are just as bad. The hope is the future however. Most of these people are old farts and slowly but surely, our time is coming. So it’s more important than ever that we reinforce moral values in our future leaders and we make them stand up people. This past month since this scandal has come out has been awful for the entire world of the elite. I do think that it is an indication of the changing of culture. America isn’t going to sit around and be deceived; what we want is moral people who fit requirements for their office and actually want the best for the American people, not just their party. It seems that we are now all tired of being deceived by narcissistic millionaires and lazy politicians; the American people do want themselves to be truly represented again.



Alex Newman

Alex Newman is studying History in Tampa, Florida. His dream is to be a teacher so that he can inspire and empower the next generation to truly think for themselves, to build off of the successes and to fix the failures. If you would like to contact Alex, please reach out to him on Twitter @_alpha_flight_.


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