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Trump’s Pre-Inauguration Success

On January 3rd of 2017, Ford decided to shut down their plan which was to build a $1.6 billion car factory in Mexico. They instead decided to reinvest their money into another Ford plant in Michigan. This is expected to result in 700 new jobs located south of Detroit.

Now the year of 2016 has been a pretty great one when it comes to unemployment with claims continuing to hover at multi-decade lows. This looks like it is going to continue with the election of President Trump. Mr. Trump has been an advocate for scrapping NAFTA since he started running for president. His win also shut down any attempts to pass the TPP. Now many globalists are hating him for stopping these deals, but from a pro-America standpoint these deals would have been detrimental. Trump isn’t exactly wrong when he says that we have been losing when it comes to international deals. I might do an article explaining why, but TPP gives too much power to Asian countries and big companies (trust me, I never thought I’d be against giving big companies power). This and NAFTA meant that employers could leave America with no consequences to their business besides less taxes.

With the election of Trump however, we already see business plans changing as large companies decide to invest in their American factories instead of their off-shore ones. Mr. Fields, the CEO of Ford, said in recent statement that “We see a more positive U.S. manufacturing business environment under President-elect Trump and the pro-growth policies he’s talking about. This is a vote of confidence for president-elect Trump and some of the policies he may be pursuing.” So while those 700 jobs on their own may not seem like a big deal considering the 250 thousand people unemployed, in the long run, Mr. Trump is going to be beneficial to both American business and American people.

Now one of the things that annoys me is the globalists reprimanding Trump for his more nationalistic stance on trades. Yes, technically speaking, more trade does overall benefit every nation. However, these globalists are a bit hypocritical because they expect America to be pro-trade, but never scold any other country when they put in place a plan for higher tariffs.

Honestly, I would be a fan of every country having no tariffs, but sadly that is not the world we live in. America cannot thrive when we are attempt to be moral busybodies in a corrupt world. Most countries are going to be nationalistic when it comes to trade deals, and there is no reason why America should be any different. If we want to be those who do right in the world, we must pick our battles. Before we can start being effective in convincing other countries to do right, we must first start winning trade deals, which is where Trump will lead us.




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