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What To Do When You Get Pulled Over by the Thought Police

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In 2016, the tension between the fight for religious liberty and the fight against discrimination came to a climax at University of Iowa. After refusing to establish Marcus Miller as the Vice President of the organization due to his explicit homosexual lifestyle, the Business Leaders in Christ was stripped of club rights on campus. The basis of this punitive measure was to demonstrate that the university would not tolerate discrimination. However, this instance is a prime example of how the Left demonizes and sti gmatizes “discrimination.”

I’m going to claim something many would deem “radical”…

Discrimination is not inherently evil.

Now, let me explain, although I shouldn’t have to, since I’m certain you’re exceptionally tolerant.

The term “discrimination” is defined by Webster’s as “the act of making or perceiving a difference.” Every time I go to the grocery store, I discriminate between brands of cereal. Every time you go to a restaurant, you discriminate between entrees. In the identical way, when you apply for a job, the employer discriminates between applicants. He must! If he doesn’t identify and judge differences between applicants, how on earth can he hire the best individual?

The issue that people nowadays have with the term “discrimination” is what the differences are and upon how they are acted. An employer identifies race as a difference and chooses not to hire upon that difference- that is the way we know discrimination now. It is sad that the mainstream media and Leftist politicians have propagated and perpetuated this misinformation, ignorance, and prejudice. By stigmatizing any and all uses of the term “discrimination” in any context, people have become herded, once again, into the dehumanizing mold of political correctness.

The institution of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 can also be considered the launching of a new police force in the United States of America- the Thought Police. This police force has only come to encompass further jurisdiction in recent years.

There are two major problems with the Thought Police. First, the Thought Police is immoral in nature and infringes upon both individual and corporate rights. Second, it is utterly, thoroughly, and completely impossible to enforce. The two are quite intertwined.

You’re probably wondering why it is immoral to ban discrimination right now, right? Well, discrimination is our right. In this wonderful country, we have freedom, freedom to act morally and immorally (to a certain degree with the maintenance of order in mind). This freedom allows our actions to be genuine. When we choose to give to poor people, it’s because we care, not because the government took a 10% of our income and funneled it to the poor. If we don’t have freedom, we don’t have a choice, which removes any genuineness. Now you’re probably saying, “Oh, that’s great, but what does this freedom have to do with discrimination?”

Great question. Employers should have the freedom to hire people on whatever criteria they want, for better or for worse. Discrimination is a social issue; a social change is what’s needed to mend a racist or sexist trend, not legislation. If I want to hire a female applicant because I want a woman’s touch in the office, I should be able to do so! The reverse is true also. If I want to hire a man for this job because it is strenuous or laborious, I should be able to do so! Employers have one goal in mind when hiring an individual- what will help further the business and increase productivity. If the answer is a black woman, so be it. If the answer is a white man so be it. When the government interferes and limits employer discretion, it helps no one and hurts everyone.

Now to move on to the lack of enforceability of the Thought Police. Okay, so picture this scenario: a black man is fired from his job as an accountant. The man sues the accounting firm for racial discrimination. The case goes to court. Money is spent for the court time on all sides. The company wants to avoid the spotlight for racial discrimination even though the man was fired for his incapability as an accountant so it settles for $250k. The end.

This “litigation-first” trend geared toward a mindset of “victim until proven otherwise” is the source of massive detriment to society and our courts. But here’s the catch… how can you prove if the company was discriminating or not? Who decides their intentions?

THIS is the problem with the Thought Police. Firing an individual is a perfectly legal action, yet it becomes illegal when someone assumes the intentions to be discriminatory. However, absolutely no one on earth can prove definitively what the intentions were! Therefore, the whole concept of criminalizing discrimination is, in fact, a huge game of assumptions!

I won’t even get into the fact that 99% of the time these presumptuous ruling serve a political agenda. But, the point here is to be wary. Don’t be fooled. As nice as a world without discrimination sounds, it is actually a huge step toward tyranny & censorship with their goons, the Thought Police.



Rachel Hall

Rachel is a Freshman at Clemson University in the Lyceum Scholars Program. She manifests her passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ and politics in debate and writing. When she is not traveling, she is on a horse. Please don't hesitate to contact her via Twitter @realrachelhall. God bless!


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