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The Trumpocolipse

The year of 2017 is near its end, the national deficit continues to balloon, Obamacare is still in place, amnesty for DREAMers is around the corner, and the southern border of America is still unsecure. Hillary’s first term is pretty awful already… oh wait.

As millions of people arrived, stood, and selected their presidential candidate on November 8th at their respective voting booths, most of those voters had thought that whoever they chose would do some of the things they promised. They knew certain promises would be broken, as politics is not a game of doing exactly what one advertises. However, when one builds an entire campaign around specific promises, to the point where those are the main reasons to vote for a candidate, then it is time to deliver. Trump has elected to do exactly the opposite of what people elected him for. As MAGA hats burn across the country and people prepare to repeal and replace the Republican Party, there ought to be a few reflections conservatives need to make. One, do not put one’s faith in a politician as if they were God himself. “In Trump We Trust” is idolatrous worship of a man who was known not for being reserved in his execution of power, but his love of himself and the power he can exert over those below him. Two, no party likes hearing the truth of how they affect the common man. Republicans remain afraid of the media calling them “heartless” and Democrats remain the slave-owners they always have been, driving America down the road to serfdom and servitude as has been their goal since the party’s creation.

Trump is not a cause, a solution, a symptom, or an antidote to America’s woes. Trump stood against a party that deserved a change in tune. Instead of draining the swamp, Trump became one with it. Republican leadership should be afraid of a Democratic takeover, because they do not deserve any more time in any position of power. It is time for stronger candidates. Trump was weak, and he will go down in history as such.



Jeremy Halt

Jeremy Halt attends school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and seeks out the truth in an ever misinformed, information-saturated environment. If you have any questions for Jeremy about his work, please contact him via Twitter @NerdwFro.


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