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The Problem with Identity Politics

Ideological Diversity > Physical Diversity

Healthcare is in the news as of late and honestly, I’m very sick of it. I was hoping with the presidency and both sides of congress, we’d actually make some progress, but that’s beside the point. I saw way too many people saying, “I’m tired of having only white cis men determining my healthcare.” I don’t agree with healthcare, but the reasoning is lacking heavily.

Invalidating people because of how they look is an atrocity. In the Civil Rights Era, people who looked like me were fighting to be validated by their character and not their skin color. 50 years later and we still haven’t beat this mindset of “If you’re not LGBTQ+, you can’t speak on LGBTQ+ issues. If you’re not a POC, you don’t know what it means to be oppressed. If you aren’t a woman, you can’t speak on women’s issues.” Why have we allowed this mindset? Why do we believe so hard in equality and then invalidate opinions if they are from someone who doesn’t look like you?

Men can have opinions on women’s issues; we have this thing called empathy. For me, I think abortion is murder. If I could help with screenings and other issues, I would do it. Killing a child crosses the line. A straight person can have an opinion on LGBTQ+ issues. I won’t go to a Pride Parade, but I will defend your rights to live the way you want to live. I believe the censorship of your freedom of expression will eventually become the censorship of my freedom of expression as a Christian. We can disagree, but it doesn’t mean I hate you and I invalidate you. White people can have an opinion on POC issues. There is no white privilege, there’s class privilege.

I said in a previous article that equality for minorities is here. If you get an education and work hard, you can go far here in America. If a white guy looks at problems in the black community, he has every right to comment and criticize. So much needs to be done better; being white doesn’t invalidate their opinion.

The main problems with identity politics boil down to two things: 1. People usually don’t like opinions that aren’t like their own, especially if they’re brutally honest. 2. People have adopted a victim mentality that makes them soft. Black Lives Matter is teaching people that because of slavery, they’re held back currently. Modern feminism is teaching women that men value them less even though we don’t. All these movements are pushing people who can be strong independent thinkers to now be sheep following a hive mind. Have your own mind and have your own opinions. Don’t let your “identity” be your best quality; let your brain be.



Alex Newman

Alex Newman is studying History in Tampa, Florida. His dream is to be a teacher so that he can inspire and empower the next generation to truly think for themselves, to build off of the successes and to fix the failures. If you would like to contact Alex, please reach out to him on Twitter @_alpha_flight_.


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