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The Problem with Hating Donald Trump

November 8, 2016 was one of the most bizarre days of my lifetime. I sent my vote in early because I was out of state, but it was my first time and I was excited! Mr. Trump had some scares through the campaign, especially with his tapes about the way he talked about women and the first debate. However, when it came down to it, I agreed with his policies enough to mark the ballot for him. That night I had a party with my friends to watch the man who was formerly a reality star become the 45th president of the United States. It was totally unprecedented; even Fox News had him losing this election. We all saw what happened though and it’s been a bumpy road ever since.

I have to admit, when they showed Hillary Clinton’s HQ and you saw her supporters weeping, it made me feel a little worried for them. They already had in their minds that Donald Trump is literally Hitler and is going to kill all the minorities and women so this was the worst possible outcome.

My sympathy ended during inauguration. The acts that happened in the streets were absolutely unacceptable. It was embarrassing to watch grown people throw the equivalent of a more destructive tantrum. These “anti-fascists” claimed to be against hate but have really shown nothing but intolerance for people who have different opinions than them: kind of like fascists.

Donald Trump has had a fair share of obstacles. Even as a supporter of his, I can be critical of some of the mistakes he’s made. I have a problem with any politician who comes into power and doesn’t fulfill his campaign promises. I want him to tweet less, golf less and actually start working on his campaign promises, mainly the wall. He has a lot to learn as a leader of the United States.

However, many people have a problem with things like nominating Neil Gorsuch, one of the most respected judges of our time, being a Supreme Court Justice. ICE has been working with crazy efficiency that has been taking people who are illegal out of the country. He’s making a whole lot of jobs so far and hopefully he continues to do so.

So why are the cries for impeachment growing stronger? People simply don’t like him particularly for his rhetoric. I find that generally hypocritical because people who want to calm down President Trump don’t even speak like they ought to. So often, their responses are more mean-spirited and vulgar than what Trump has said.

I don’t like what he’s said on some occasions, being a person of high standards, but acting like anyone has the moral ground while not being in the highest stressed situation in the United States is ridiculous. The same people who insult his looks and mannerisms are the ones who are outraged when he dares insult someone else. It’s a pitiful double standard. Outside of that and Healthcare (which again, I believe needs to be fixed and I hope that our majority congress and our president will actually repeal it), the arguments against Trump fall by the wayside. He’s met with leaders of the black community like Steve Harvey, Jim Brown and Dennis Rodman to help understand how to help race relations. He’s been the most pro-LGBT+ president we’ve ever had and often condemns the actions brought against them. The only reason he isn’t allowing trans- people to serve is because they can be a distraction and their surgeries would put more on the taxpayer. (The goal of the military is to make the country safer. If this makes the country safer, why is there a problem?) The only “xenophobia” he has is against people who threaten the nation with violence.

Seriously, his wife is an immigrant, it doesn’t make sense. He’s honored our police and our veterans, he’s bringing jobs back and the DOW is busting through the roof while the Russian-conspiracy evaporates in front of our faces. On top of that, foreign affairs are being strengthened again and he dominated G20. Why is the hate still here?

Well, it’s not who anyone was expected. We’re so used to politicians that when someone who’s just like most Americans tries to run and show us our flaws, we get confused. Politicians say all the right things to make us like them while Donald Trump does and says what he wants because his goal doesn’t mean pleasing everyone. Donald Trump is a mirror that shows our true nature. When we’re faced with something we like, how do we react? Like vehement Trump supporters do. Unfailing loyalty despite the flaws and lacking a sense of accountability. When people act out against him, they swarm like bees, justifying every action he makes even if he’s making mistakes. Sometimes we look in the mirror and see ourselves in Trump and we hate every single thing about it. The people who hate every move he makes are ridiculous.

They strive to “resist” in all things rather than looking beyond ideology on some issues, they choose to hate based on who Donald Trump is. That’s right, the same people who champion Black Lives Matter and who are “against” racism choose to hate someone simply because they don’t like him. It’s a true reflection that people don’t care about what you think if you don’t look the part. I’ve seen some of the most vulgar and perverted people I’ve ever met call out Donald Trump. I disavow his blatantly disrespectful behavior, but he’s showing people who believe they have the moral high ground exactly how they sound.

Whether you like or hate Donald Trump, he’s exactly what we need right now. He’s a natural leader who has really good intentions and really wants this country to thrive. He’s also showing America what’s wrong with us. He’s showing how corrupt we’ve become, how to appeal to what Americans actually need. He isn’t perfect at all (so far I give him a C-), but he has a real opportunity to do what so many of us have been wanting for the last 8 years.

Lastly, I would recommend everyone be fair to him. IF you’re reading this site, you probably are pro-Trump, but don’t bury your nose in loyalty. Acknowledge his short-fallings and call him out for it (the beauty of the 1st amendment people). For those on the other side of the isle, if you make everything he does into an evil and bad thing, no one is going to take you seriously. We’ve heard all about Russia and how he’s an Islamophobe; we just want a guy who is trying to benefit the American people. Stop listening to these celebrities (who are literally liberal Donald Trumps guys) and do your own research.

Have a fair mind about him; he has had some victories. We should all be rooting for him because his failures could be bad for all of America. Let’s have nothing but respect for OUR president and give him a chance to succeed.



Alex Newman

Alex Newman is studying History in Tampa, Florida. His dream is to be a teacher so that he can inspire and empower the next generation to truly think for themselves, to build off of the successes and to fix the failures. If you would like to contact Alex, please reach out to him on Twitter @_alpha_flight_.


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