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The Muddying of Britain’s Future

Earlier this year, I wrote an article explaining how the snap election that Theresa May called for might help stabilize Brexit negotiations. You can read about that here.

The Tories were ahead by large percentages all across Britain, yet somehow they managed to lose positions in Parliament. Theresa May pulled a Hillary Clinton and managed to lose a game that should have been easy. If Theresa May had not done anything in the weeks leading to the snap election, her party would have probably done better in the elections. She messed up an election that should have been her’s for the taking.

Many people are ecstatic about the Labour party gaining enough seats in Parliament that the Conservatives lost their majority. They see it as a revival in the youth of Britain who finally decided to go out and vote. While the young coming out to vote is a good thing, the results of the snap election are not.

In my previous article, I noted that one of the purposes of calling a snap election was to reinforce the Tories’ majority in Parliament. The reason being is that leaving the EU is a long and controversial process and having a Parliament that stands by your decisions, makes the process much easier. If the Conservatives had a large majority in Parliament, like they were expecting, they would have to compromise less on the important issues of leaving the EU. These include the European Single Market, unrestricted travel throughout Europe, and more.

Now that they are lacking a majority, the future of Britain is murky. With enough compromise, there is a possible future of Britain where they wind up not leaving the European Union. This scenario is unacceptable. The people of Britain held a referendum where a majority of citizens decided that staying in the EU would only hurt the future of Britain, not help it. This is why they decided to leave.

No matter what people say, the Tories losing a majority during a time like this is not a good thing for Britain, or, for that matter, the world.




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