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What is the Alt-Right Movement?

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“Race is real, race matters, race is the foundation of identity”

The conservative movement is gaining steam and it’s not hard to see why. A lot of people are tired of collectivist mindset, tired of brainwashing, tired of being told that they aren’t tolerant enough. Some conservative speakers like the Jewish Hammer (Ben Shapiro) and Steven Crowder have been up and coming, rising on the tumultuous sea of destroying college SJW’s and their intellectually irrational arguments. Voices of the past like Ronald Reagan and Thomas Sowell resound in our modern day, bringing people to ideas about helping themselves and then being able to help their neighbor. So, it’s coming up, but with this growth comes fluctuations. One of those can be found in the movement the alt-right. You’ve probably heard the term before, cast in general over those who are right-leaning, Trump Supporters or even classical liberals like Jordan Peterson. However, that’s a broad net to throw, so we’re going to do our best to find out who these people really are and how they are harmful or beneficial to the conservative movement.

The alt-right as defined by Dave Rubin is a combination of some true racists combined with people who want to get their word out to those in power (1). Richard Spencer calls it “Identity Politics for White People” (2). It’s a white identarian movement that is supposed to counter not only the left, but also counter the mainstream conservative movement. Their numbers aren’t large they aren’t all that appealing, but with the rise of Trump, they rose as well. Their website was founded at the beginning of this year ( but the movement has been around for a few years. Some of them claim to be a sort of “culturally Christian” where they see the merit of Christian values but kind of ignore the other doctrine. James Allsup explains this in an interview with Michael Knowles from the Daily Wire, which I would recommend if you have some time on your hands (3). Many of them believe heavily in family and highly encourage marriage; they absolutely despise the women who would disregard the importance of family (4). It does seem to be heavily male dominated however. They have a few lovely chants like, “The Jews will not replace us.” (5)  You will probably also remember them as the guys who were making these Nazi signs and yelling, “Heil Trump” at a Richard Spenser speech last year (6). They were also primary the catalysts for violence at Charlottesville this past summer. Their name is dragged through the mud and I believe rightly so. From what I understand, not all of them are White Nationalists, but White Nationalists have flocked to the alt-right. They don’t just not like illegal immigrants; they don’t like immigrants at all. They are focused on this collectivist mindset that because “their fathers” founded this country and throughout history “white people” created western civilization. Therefore, they get should receive special rights and privileges. I can’t stand these people because they have copied the left’s actions and flipped it to the right. They act like this is the only way to save America.

It’s sad to see that in America, we’ve lost a sense of who we are as a nation. They’re a lot of opinions, which is good, but the problem is we are not accepting of one another. Different views can be seen a violence, bigotry or something to actually be afraid of. Plus, mashing a bunch of different cultures together isn’t easy especially with language barriers. If you remember during the British Imperial age in Africa, the way they parceled off land split up clans and tribes forcing them to be with tribes they weren’t accustomed to and thus started a lot of awful rivalries. They all looked the same; the problem was they had different cultures and languages. America was presented by School House Rock as “the Great American Melting Pot” to children. This concept is that America’s value isn’t based on the fact that we look the same, because don’t. We aren’t civilizations of the past: Egyptian, Grecian or Roman. We don’t want to erase white people, or brown people or Asian people. We want cultures to be appreciated, we want to embrace things we don’t know, and we want to grow together as humans. The alt-right says that ultimately what matters is your racial identity and that because there’s race mixing, we’ll never have peace and America will never be as great as it could be. Isn’t that sad?

Now, I’m pro-immigration reform; just last week an illegal immigrant got away with literal murder after he was deported 5 times. If that’s not a wake-up call, I don’t know what is. However, to say that immigrants haven’t heavily benefitted this country would be as blind as it gets. We wouldn’t have trivial things like Chinese food, but we also wouldn’t have bigger things like the intel from the greatest physicist of the 20th century that the Germans were making a bomb that could level cities (That’s Albert Einstein if you didn’t know). The movie Hidden Figures depicts black women who helped America with literal rocket science. Day in and day out, America proves other countries and history wrong; people of different races can work together. It hasn’t always been that way in our country and there are still a few people who want to fan the flames of a race war, but most Americans associate with someone who has a background not like their own and who may not look like them. As long as they have the qualifications and skills, they deserve the position they’re in.

The alt-right reflects the left in this: it doesn’t matter your abilities or your merit, what it comes down to is your racial identity. In the alt-right, you could be the most underqualified person in the entire world, but because you look like Thomas Jefferson, you deserve your privilege. On the left, if you have dark skin, you’re LGBTQ+, you’re a woman or you’re Muslim your opinion validates you more and you should be allowed to have special privilege. It’s a just a silly luck game that invalidates hard work and sacrifice substituted with the easiest way to view a person: the way they look. The alt-right claims conservatism has failed because we lost our values, we’re too invested in foreign affairs and the liberals have taken over everything. Sure, the conservative movement has been roughed up through the years, but the hypocrisy is lost on these people that the things they value are merely the funhouse mirror version of leftist values they claim to hate. Conservatism can help because the people coming up see the values in every human being and the potential in everyone to work to better themselves, their community and their nation. We’re seeking to reset moral values, to have every idea presented and tested, and to show America isn’t great because of our identities as racial groups or genders; it’s great because we’re first and foremost Americans.


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Alex Newman

Alex Newman is studying History in Tampa, Florida. His dream is to be a teacher so that he can inspire and empower the next generation to truly think for themselves, to build off of the successes and to fix the failures. If you would like to contact Alex, please reach out to him on Twitter @_alpha_flight_.


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