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A Solution to the School Shooting Epidemic

September 12, 2018. In the small town of Bluefield, Virginia there is a high school called Graham High School. On that day, there was a potential threat to the safety of the students. In heed to this threat, the whole school was placed on a Lockdown Procedure until the local police could report on the scene. This scenario has occurred at a steadily increasing rate at many schools, and it all stems back to the steadily increasing craze of school shootings. This topic is one of the toughest subjects to debate, and sometimes it seems like there will never be an answer to this problem without infringing upon the rights of not only the students, but also anyone who has anything to do with the education system. However, the answer has been clear this whole time and it is very simple. It begins with the teachers.

Stating that this reform begins with the teachers does not mean that fault falls only on teachers. This only means that we need to begin with the people who have the most interaction among the students. The other day, I had a long talk with an old teacher who had long retired, he stated that as a teacher is it your job to first identify the ‘loners’ among each of their classes. Once they have succeeded at this, it is now their duty to pull them in with the others. The teacher I talked to said that he was very strict on the kids in his class, and that he sometimes would correct them. However, he did so not out of his own enjoyment, but rather to make them notice the error in their works so that they may correct them and become better students and people. With this noted, I talked to his students and all that I met with said that they not only felt like a part of a group of friends when they were in that class, but they loved the old teacher and enjoyed his class.

You see, all of the problems we face in this issue today revolve around the huge issue of mental health in high school. In order to fix these issues, we must bring the kids who are mentally unstable into the class. They must play a roll, because in this, they will find friends and be able to see themselves as a part of something, rather than seeing themselves as alone and not able to achieve anything. The student that would be, in their mind, forced to commit rash outbursts of unthinkable violence would not have to anymore, thanks to their new view on their lives.

At the beginning of the article, a date was mentioned. On that date, I was in Graham High School, because I am a senior this year. Being in a small, southern town, I though this would never happen to us, but now I see that we must find a solution to these issues before it gets any worse. This is not an issue of laws that can be imposed, rather it is a problem that can be solved by a simple change of morals and a simple talk.



Howie Spencer

Howie Spencer is a senior this year at Graham High School in Bluefield, VA. He has a great vision for the United States of American and wants to see it become better and better with each passing day. Feel free to contact him at any time. Twitter handle @Howie_Spencer44.


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