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Senator Bernie Sanders and Dr. Albert Wily: Stealing Other’s Work for Their Own Gain

Here we have a compare and contrast between two crazy, eccentric men of power, one being real and the other from the Mega Man universe. It’s interesting how there are always people willing to steal from others and piggyback off of the hard work of honest individuals, all the while deceiving others masterfully and projecting their own sins and vices onto others. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Dr. Albert Wily the genius villain of the original Mega Man series are two such men. Let’s get into each one.

I’ll start off with Bernie Sanders since he is the real one of the two we are discussing, although Wily takes the edge, and I’ll explain why later. Sanders has a long history of political activism, government work, and little work in the private sector. His policies are outright socialist, and even his wife allegedly stole money from university start-ups. It is true that Sander’s nomination for the Democrat candidacy for President of the U.S. in 2016 was stolen by Hillary Clinton, but he is nonetheless better off for it financially. In fact, he was most likely paid off. Sanders rails against people like the Koch brothers and big corporations being so corrupt, evil, and greedy. While he may be right about some of the companies, Sanders himself and many other government officials contribute virtually nothing to the private sector, and even get paid off by some of the big corporations that lobby DC politicians like him. Personally, I would rather have an abundance of smaller private sector corporations than bigger government any day. The hypocrisy of Sanders is tremendous, but ultimately his unjust gains will not make him happy or satisfied, and ever since Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016, more and more corrupt politicians are being exposed, including RINO Republicans.

Next, we come to Dr. Albert Wily, the evil mastermind in the original Mega Man series. Not content to be second best to Dr. Thomas Light- the creator of Protoman, Roll, and the legendary Blue Bomber himself Mega Man- Wily first steals the original six robot masters created by Dr. Light- Cut Man, Bomb Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, Fire Man, and Ice Man- and reprograms them to turn against humanity and Mega Man. In subsequent games after the first Mega Man entry, Dr. Wily creates his own robot masters, and as of this writing, there will be 11 main series Mega Man games soon, as well as 5 original Gameboy titles, and some spin-offs, not including . He so desperately tries to defeat Mega Man and take over the world with many different designs through deception, kidnapping, false testimony, jail break, and other illegal activities. Yet, Mega Man continues to spare Wily after defeating his machines of destruction. It is not until Wily’s final creation- Zero- that he truly has an original, outstanding idea, but does not live to see Zero’s true potential.

So, between Sanders and Wily, who is more treacherous and damaging. Well, we obviously know the effects of socialism on societies throughout history, and if Bernie Sanders had free reign, he would certainly cause untold amounts of damage financially to the United States, so I give Bernie Sanders the win if he hypothetically had as much unilateral power as Dr. Wily. His politics are already influencing younger generations for the worse. Dr Wily, on the other hand, in his own universe has destroyed much of the world with his robot masters and schemes, and although deceptive, he is less deceptive than Bernie Sanders. Once confronted, Wily does put up a tremendous fight, but then promptly bows and begs for surrender when his machines come crashing down. If you have played through the Mega Man X series, however, the Zero Virus, which Zero is created with, has long lasting impact for about at least a century after Wily’s death. After Zero fights with Sigma and transfers his virus so that Sigma becomes the main villain of the X series, Zero becomes Mega Man X’s greatest and most powerful ally. Thus, Dr. Wily inadvertently saved people with his most powerful creation, while Bernie Sanders has done nothing but cause more debt slaves, high taxation, and unaffordable health care.



Brent Blauser

Brent Blauser is a follower of Christ, loving husband, and father of two children. He has enjoyed classic video games since childhood, speaks and reads Japanese at an intermediate level, loves hands on activities, and more recently has become somewhat politically involved. He is also looking to get into education or the news/political field. You can follow Brent on Twitter BdBlauser.


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