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RECAP: TPUSA’s Student Action Summit 2017

Turning Point USA’s “Student Action Summit” is an annual event that hosts the top conservative speakers of the movement. The list for 2017 included speakers such as Ben Shapiro (of course), Dinesh D’Souza, Dennis Prager, Donald Trump Jr., Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Tomi Lahren, Alex Epstein and plenty more. This year’s SAS was in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The event consisted of book signings, free merchandise (in the good, non socialist way), speeches, meet and greets, photo-shoots, interviews and networking. The attendees were students from every single state in the U.S., including some from Canada and Venezuela.

The first night hosted three of the conservative movement’s most forefront leaders: Donald Trump Jr., Dennis Prager, Dinesh D’souza, and Ben Shapiro. I was happy, though not surprised, that when Donald Trump Jr. suggested that there was a conspiracy against his father, CNN took to the airwaves in rage (cleverly cropping out TPUSA’s stage message which read “Big Gov Sucks”).

Donald Trump Jr. addresses the SAS2017 crowd on night 1.

Dennis Prager followed to give a powerful message on the importance of values while D’Souza gave a compelling report on the history of the movement. The night was capped off with Ben Shapiro, who drew many standing applauses from the crowd with his well known sayings that trigger leftists. You can view the first night’s speeches here.

During off time, students explored around West Palm Beach, from the coastline to the expensive restaurants to the hotel pools. If you were lucky, you would run into a guest of the conference! I was lucky enough to bump into Ben Shapiro as he was checking into his hotel at 12:30am! I also ran into Dave Rubin and Dennis Prager.

Erin Cooke writes “#BigGovSucks” in the sand at West Palm Beach.

Overall, it was an incredible experience that I highly recommend to any college student who’s interested in conservatism. I don’t think the Action Summit 2018 is open for registration yet (it being 1 day after the conference ended), but make sure to follow TPUSA on twitter if so you can know when and where the next will be! I can’t wait for next year, and he’s some of my favorite moments! 




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