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Why the Reaction to the Nunes Memo is Sobering

It’s is likely that you have heard people talk about the Nunes memo that was released slightly over a week ago. Written by Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, it describes the actions taken by individuals in the FBI, most likely with the approval of DNC members, to unconstitutionally spy on at least one member of the Trump administration. It’s important to study the timeline while looking at this memo, so let’s go through it step-by-step.

A key aspect to this entire controversy is the Steele dossier. Compiled by Christopher Steele, ex-FBI source, he was paid by the DNC to create this dossier that contains factually incorrect and abhorrent information about Trump and his campaign. Now media pundits and talk show hosts are pointing out the fact that the dossier was originally paid for by conservatives to use as a hit piece against Trump in the nominations. However, it does not matter who paid for it originally, only that the information in it had been verifiably false pretty much since its release.

Now Steele contacted Yahoo News and got them to write a piece detailing the dossier and other potential collusion between Trump and Russia. He then proceeded to use this false story propagated by himself via Yahoo News to convince the FISA court to give out a warrant for surveillance on members of the Trump administration.

The FISA court is a secretive tribunal set up by the government to hand out warrants for wiretapping along with other surveillance methods. Not getting into the constitutionality of how it is run, in my opinion it is not constitutional, the method used to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s team was despicable. The FISA application for the spying was mainly backed up using this unverified story that Yahoo News had created. And Yahoo News only wrote about the Steele dossier because of Steele’s influence over them. Steele then proceeded to apply for the warrant using this circular reasoning that is completely unreasonable. Sourcing your application with something that you wrote and is unverified is contemptible.

Of course Democrats are saying that there were other reasons for the FISA warrant being granted, but Deputy Director McCabe testified in court “that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the [FISA court] without the Steele dossier information.” What the Democrats did here is worse than Watergate. Spying on an American citizen because of unverified information is loathsome.

This memo should have been a bombshell in American politics and should have brought millions to the realization that these politicians aren’t being held accountable to the law, but no. The mainstream media decided that it would be better if the public wasn’t told the full truth and was led on with a lie. It is sobering to see such information be released and the public not caring. Something has to be done about this corruption that is so evident in the political system. Unfortunately, a week after the memo’s release and the MSM is already back to their constant stream of Trump and Russia scandals. Sad to see.




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