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Memorable Quotes from TPUSA’s Student Action Summit 2017

Memorable Quotes from TPUSA’s Student Action Summit 2017


Donald Trump Jr

  • In reference to American foreign policy, “ Let’s take care of ourselves for once.”


Dennis Prager

  • “The death of God means the death of liberty.”
  • “We are in the middle of a non-violent civil war.”
  • “The reason the left yells hate is because they hate.”
  • “There is no American race or ethnicity. There is an American idea.”
  • “In the war with evil, the only way to win in to be stronger.”
  • “If the state is small, God must be big.”
  • “Wisdom begins with a fear of God.”
  • In reference to a gold toilet called America that people can pay to defecate into, “Don’t boo it. Fight it!”


Dinesh D’Souza

  • “Academia is the laboratory where big lies are made.”
  • “The problem with calling conservatives islamophobic is that being critical of Islam does not mean that you fear Islam.”
  • In reference to the pro-choice argument, “You cannot use choice as an argument for something unless you also talk about what the choice involves.”


Ben Shapiro

  • “I want leftists to cry for real reasons, not just because we are being mean to them.”
  • “Identity politics is foolish and un-American.”
  • “Be an individual. Defend only what you believe.”
  • “Don’t just defend good ideas. Attack bad ones.”




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