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Liberals Aren’t Gun Grabbers – Until It’s Convenient

Last Spring, I was sitting in an art appreciation class during a discussion on Government censorship. After a bit of a back and forth among the class I decided to raise my hand and say something. I began discussing my views on censorship and stated that only one party (the Government) brings a gun to the party when discussing what is “good” and “bad” art. It was at that moment I knew I’d done it.

The teacher, a young 30 something liberal art major locked eyes with me and gave me the unique glare lefties get when someone disagrees with them. Two days later she sat me down for a discussion on how simply saying the word “gun” gave her the idea that I was going to bring a gun and shoot up the class.

This is sadly not a unique experience for Conservative college students. However, it was an interesting insight on what goes on in the minds of the Left. Over three years every Liberal professor I’ve had has said “I don’t want to take away anybody’s Second Amendment rights, but..” and of course it is the “but” that is the problem. In our constitution the right to protect your life from outside forces threatening it is enshrined in that Amendment. We live in a time where forces want nothing more than to take away those rights.

The removal of rights always begins slowly, first they target “hate speech” and then move on to establishing safe spaces. There is a large segment of the Left that scoffs at freedom and would always seek to limit it.

The best way to limit freedom is to take away one’s ability to defend it. The gun grabbing Left is aware of this. Only one side of the isle politicizes every mass shooting. While Conservatives are reminding people that mass shootings, while horrible and vile, are a statistical anomaly Liberals are targeting things like “magazine sizes” and other modifications. It always begins small with tyrants, they test what they can get away with.

The Democratic Left begins with targeting the “scary” guns such as the AK-47 and soon will move on to a complete gun ban like Australia’s.

As Conservatives, we have a duty and an obligation to protect these vital rights. The Left has an easy time making their argument “guns kill people; therefore ban guns.” The Right has a much more difficult argument to make, however, our argument is based on fact rather than fear mongering. On a basic level most Americans believe that it is guns being in the hands of bad people that creates the problem, and not the gun itself. The challenge Conservatives have is pushing past the fear mongering and anti-factual evidence the Left presents. Our argument is worth making and we should attempt to defend our rights at any cost.



Rory Roberts

Rory Roberts had lived his whole life in New Mexico and is currently attending school to become a history teacher. He is passionate about history and politics and has a distaste for those who believe the government is a benevolent force.


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