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Is Socialism A Threat?

It is very terrifying that my generation is so interested in socialism. The amount of support the democratic socialist senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, received during the 2016 presidential election is alarming. For the sake of our future we should not take this lightly. We should be prepared to educate more of our generation and work towards creating leaders that understand the dangers of socialism.

The problem is that the idea of socialism has been misled by the liberal agenda. Not that long ago, we were fighting to keep communism — the final step of socialism — away from the world. Today it is becoming popular to be socialist and even an open communist. Their argument is that socialism works, besides the many examples of socialist failures in the world. They would even bring you examples of current socialist governments and try to convince you of how wonderful it is. We must understand that the implementation of socialism is no more than short term, because eventually you run out of others people’s money. The question that follows is: What happens after that? Well, that’s when dictatorship comes to play.

Let’s look at the biggest example of socialism, “The USSR”.

Socialism in Russia started in 1917 with Vladimir Lenin following the ideology of the German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. As Lenin once said “The goal of socialism is communism.” The Soviet Union lasted between 1917-1990. It wasn’t long between this period that it became a dictatorship. An important figure of this socialist-communist utopia was Joseph Stalin, who was responsible for millions and millions of deaths of his own people. The soviets were followers of Marxist Socialism. At the beginning, it seems like a great method of movement but the end was awful. According to the Zero Hedge news, about 68 millions of people were murdered under the Soviet Union. There is a phrase by George Santayana that says, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Let’s look at another example, this time, “Nazi”.

That’s right. For those of you who don’t know, Nazi stands for National-Socialist German Workers’ Party; NSDAP. The movement in Germany was a little different than Russia but had similar ideology. After all, socialism was created by two German philosophers. The socialism in Germany soon became a dictatorship under Hitler. The power, the big government, the ideology of dependency is what socialism really is. The Nazis were National Socialist. They created a national movement with false promises and corruption, the usual agenda of socialists.

This time I’ll talk about my country, about my direct experience with socialism. I was born and raised in Cuba. A beautiful island trapped under the wings of socialism. The socialism started in Cuba in 1959 after Fidel Castro took control of the country. It didn’t take long until the suffering, the persecution, the violation of human rights became the norm in the tropical island. My family, friends, and myself have been affected by this lie our entire life. I grew up without freedom. I was taught since I started school how socialism is good and capitalism is bad. They tried so hard to implement their ideology in us. My stepdad has been arrested for simply opposing to the idea of socialism. I remember I was about 12 years old when I stood up in school in front of my classmates and I told them that this is a dictatorship; this is not freedom. I remember that night about six police cars were outside my house threatening to arrest my mom. Socialism is a fail government with illogical beliefs and those who are brave enough to oppose it, pay consequences – even death.

I came to this country with joy, because I knew this is the country of freedom. Today I feel that our freedom is being threat by political correctness, by socialist groups, by Islamic terrorism and is being threatened by our own people. A country this big can only be destroyed from the inside. Is time to wake up and realize that socialism is a threat to our society. Here in America they call it Democratic Socialism. It doesn’t matter what name you put in front of it, at the end is the same ideology. Socialism Sucks.



Eduardo Escarret

Eduardo Escarret grew up in communist Cuba until he was 16 years old. He now lives in the States as a firefighter, real estate investor, and has a heart for politics. If you'd like to contact Eduardo, please reach out to him on Twitter @eddie_eescarr0.


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