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Is being a Leftist as Exhausting and Depressing as it Looks?

Let’s face it, ever since political parties became a thing (despite George Washington strongly advising against them), there has been a divide, or at least disagreement in the country. For centuries we’ve seen the ups and downs of political parties and the tensions between them and their values. Today’s society is definitely facing a low point. We’ve moved passed Republicans and Democrats and even Conservatives and Liberals. On the Republican side you have those who want the government in charge of almost nothing as well as those in Washington who say they’re against big government, but are actually okay with it as long as they’re the party in power. On the Democratic side you have traditional liberals who believe in big government and unions, but then you also have straight up leftist socialists; people who actually think socialism is prosperous and those who disagree with them must be Hitler.

Now, I know and agree with the old saying, “Opinions are like armpits, everyone has one and most of them stink,” but I’d still like to point out the underlying problem with today’s Democratic Party. If they continue down the same road they have been, they can most certainly count on losing more and more elections. First, we have the Bernie Sanders-supporting millennials who seem to misunderstand the government’s definition of “free” (more taxes). They also bash capitalism (from their iPhone while taking an Uber ride to Starbucks for their double chai latte) and praise socialism (despite its proven failures in countries like Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, North Korea, Greece, etc.). They live in this fantasy cloud where they are entitled to everything and need not work for anything. There is no way one can be happy in life if they go around thinking the world owes them something. The truth is, the world owes us nothing. We live in a free nation where opportunity is available to all. If you want something, go out and earn it.

Speaking of opportunity, we also have our lovely women’s marchers. I thought we’d seen the last of them after they stomped the streets of D.C. in their genital hats, crying of their oppression as they tweeted pictures from their phones while fully dressed and fed. “We’re marching for your rights too,” they claimed as conservative women questioned what exactly they were doing. I am still confused as to what rights they claim to be fighting for because in today’s society women and men do have equal rights. The women who fought against oppression in the 1900’s are to be admired, but today’s modern feminists who play victim and shame men for being men, are not.

Finally, we have the despicable Democratic leaders who are pros of identity politics and constantly use minorities to push their agenda. They tell them that their lives are unfair, that the rich white people are to blame, and that they need the government’s help. This is nonsense. It is racist if you tell someone they cannot take care of themselves simply because they are a person of color. Conservatives believe all Americans are equal and capable of running their own lives, yet they’re the ones that get called racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, bigoted, deplorables. Just because they do not buy into the victim mentality does not mean they are not compassionate. They just believe America is the land of opportunity, and with charitable help (not government assistance) and hard work, anyone can achieve anything. How dull and depressing life must be to walk around believing that you are a victim and can never prosper in life.

Between today’s leftist ideals of socialism and victimhood, it’s no wonder they cannot seem to come up with any quality candidates or substantial arguments. To believe that things are “free” or that they can simply be paid for by the “one percent” is ignorant. To march and protest against oppression you do not even face must be exhausting. To believe you are a victim because of your skin color, gender, or sexual preference, must be depressing. You see, that is the basis of today’s Democratic Party and exactly why I am so glad my values do not align with theirs. I prefer the optimism of my beliefs. We the people are capable of deciding what is best for our lives, not the government. We the people are more than our race or gender and victimhood only leads to real oppression. I know there is a power higher than I and that no matter what happens here on Earth, my eternity in paradise is not tarnished.



Jenee Cruise

Jenee Cruise is interning at the Laura Ingraham Show!


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