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I Still Hate the Media

Today, May 15th 2017, the Washington Post released an article that says that Trump told Russian higher-ups valuable information that puts a useful informant at risk of discovery. However, the article’s main source of “evidence” was unnamed “White House officials”. This is why I hate the media. They give us no evidence other than “their word”, yet they expect us to believe every word they say. It bugs me that they can get away without holding anyone accountable for the possible falsehoods that are being promoted as truths. If the story turns out to be incorrect, no one faces any consequences other than the WaPo issuing a retraction.

Look. Washington Post and other news organizations. You have lost the public’s trust because of your lying and deceit. You expect the public to take you seriously even though you have consistently misrepresented the truth. Perhaps you readers remember when Chris Cuomo of CNN said that only the media should have access to Wikileaks. If not here’s a refresher.

Why should we trust you, media, with the important information that everyone deserves? You have shown time and time again that you cannot be trusted.

Pertaining to the issue of Trump releasing classified information to Russia however, I would like to point out the fact that the Washington Post article did mention one person by name. General McMaster. McMaster made the claim that Trump did not reveal any classified information to Russia during the meeting. How is it that the one person the Washington Post cites by name, is the one person who is disagreeing with what everyone else is saying? Does this not seem a little bit suspicious?

If McMaster was lying, why would he want his name on these lies that he is apparently telling? And if those “White House officials” are telling the truth, then why don’t they want their names on the article so they can confirm what the Washington Post has said? For all I know, the Washington Post could have made up the accusation in order to gain revenue or create even more tension between parties. Without a source, I cannot back up what is being said.

Now as I am writing this article, the Washington Post just released a piece complaining that people don’t trust the media enough. Here is the archived link to that story.

Before I finish this commentary, I’d just like to address the Washington Post about the linked article. Stop doing things that make people lose trust in you and then complaining that you aren’t trusted enough. It’s extremely childish, but also very reflective of the biased times that we live in. Always be extremely cynical when reading today’s news, because you never know what’s true.




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