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How An Early Election Might Help Stabalize Britian

The upcoming British Prime Minister election is, for the most part, a single-issue election. The big issue at play? Brexit.

In June of 2016, British citizens voted to leave the European Union. However, leaving a collection of countries that is held together by international law does not happen overnight, especially when many of the other countries oppose you leaving. Exiting the EU is a long and complex task that requires determination, perseverance, and leadership. It would not be good if, in the middle of this grueling process, government leaders were to change. It would lead to confusion and chaos, which might eventually result in Britain staying in the EU. This is one of the reasons behind Prime Minister May’s decision to call a snap-election.

Leaving the EU also requires adequate support from your own country’s government. Currently, the Conservative Party has 330 out of 650 seats in Parliament, with another 229 being held by the Labour Party. This is a majority, but not by much. In the past months, polls have shown that the Conservative Party is gaining support and the Labour party is losing it. A poll by YouGov on April 12th shows that Conservatives have 44% of the expected vote and Labour only has 23%. Hopefully by having a snap-election, the Conservative Party will have the representatives in Parliament needed to smooth the transition out of the European Union.

It appears that Mrs. May made the correct decision. After announcing the early election, the pound soared to a six-month high, with many analysts believing that this snap-election will ease the potential Brexit economic disruption.

The early election was voted upon this past Wednesday the 19th. It passed with 522 ayes versus 13 noes. Clearly a rather popular decision.

Mrs. May believes that an early election is needed “to ensure the strong and stable leadership the country needs to see us through Brexit”, and, to tell you the truth; I agree with her.




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