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Hope for the GOP

This month started off grim for the Republican party. The last time a Democratic Senator from Alabama was elected, it was 1992. He even changed his party to republican when he ran for reelection. So, Roy Moore, Steve Bannon and the Republicans were struck a huge blow as Doug Jones stole a slim victory. This could have been avoided very easily. As soon as the news struck, Donald Trump and the GOP should have denounced him and found a new candidate. It’s Alabama. It’s not that hard to find a clean Republican candidate to beat a pro-abortion candidate there. Regardless, their decision lead to a blow that felt small, but could have left some huge implications on the mid-term elections coming up in 2018. This gave hope to the Democrats, hoping that Trump’s election was the beginning of the Resistance they’ve been praying for since 3 o’clock on the 9th of November 2016.

However, this is an anomaly for many reasons. First, Roy Moore was an extremely flawed candidate. While his stances were conservative, the fact that he liked picking up, kissing, and groping 14-year-old girls while he was a 30-year-old man should automatically disqualify him from running. These 9 ladies were Trump supporters who came forward because they thought this man was unfit for office. I agree with them, and this type of behavior shouldn’t be promoted or tolerated no matter how long ago it happened. Second, Steve Bannon is a terrible strategist. This failure is on him as much as it is on anyone. His pride got in the way, and there’s a price to be paid for that. Third, this was Alabama. I live in Georgia, and one of the places that’s redder than us is Alabama. This isn’t a new norm. This is just incompetence from the people who let their biases overtake sound judgement. A comforting factor was seeing people’s comments on the polling results. Things like, “Black women saved the day,” shows that, no matter how dumb the GOP may act, the Democrats are more foolish. They have learned nothing and have tried to push their politically-correct identity-politics dumpster fire even more.

Now, all in all, that victory for the Democrats is one that the GOP will regret. However, it is not all bad news. The recent tax cuts are the largest legislative victory the Republicans have won in my lifetime. The few times I watch CNN is to see Ted Cruz rip through Bernie Sanders on their debate night. Economically, Bernie Sanders is a ridiculous panderer who needs to get a Thomas Sowell book sent to him. Ted Cruz and one of my new favorite political figures, Tim Scott, talked a little bit about the plan and what it was going to do for the economy. Especially how it was going to lift the burden placed on small businesses and the middle class. Now, some people have tried to make this bill seem like it would actually murder you, but in all reality, it is going to help a lot of people. As soon as it passed, before it even hit President Trump’s desk, businesses like Boeing and Fifth Third Bancorp were adding new benefits, bonuses, even raising the company minimum wage for their employees. It’s incredible what the free market can do right? People have tried to make this fact seem awful. Nancy Pelosi got in the spirit of the season saying it would “kill Tiny Tim”. Bernie Sanders said that it would raise taxes (how he makes that illogical step, I have no clue). Our favorite receptionist turned office administrator, Jenna Fischer, even chimed in with some fake news: “I can’t stop thinking about how school teachers can no longer deduct the cost of their classroom supplies on their taxes… something they shouldn’t have to pay for with their own money in the first place. I mean, imagine if nurses had to go buy their own syringes. #ugh” As a future teacher this put me on high alert, but knowing her bias, I researched the issue. It turns out that her statement is not even remotely true. Teachers still have a $250-530 reimbursement on their school supplies, the standard for around 15 years. Many are arguing that it should be more, and I would not be against that, but to claim that teachers are just going to start hemorrhaging money is complete nonsense. February of next year will roll around and a lot of people, 91% of America, will receive a tax cut.

That’s a tremendous victory. It’s going to have an effect on the mid-terms for sure because people will understand that this legislation came from people who are red. Plus, as Trump’s first year closes, we see jobs coming back and the stock market soaring. ISIS is scattered and running. We’re still taking a head role in the world while not backing down to North Korea or our “allies in the UN”. While this administration and the GOP have had their struggles, the end of this year could be a great springboard into 2018. It might result in a great outcome for the mid-terms and most importantly, benefit the American people as a whole.



Alex Newman

Alex Newman is studying History in Tampa, Florida. His dream is to be a teacher so that he can inspire and empower the next generation to truly think for themselves, to build off of the successes and to fix the failures. If you would like to contact Alex, please reach out to him on Twitter @_alpha_flight_.


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