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Everyone is a Hypocrite

Politics has devolved from actual moral stances to benefit a country and its people to people making childish arguments based on their feelings. This past week has been a very rough one for President Trump; his loyalists will call it 27D chess, but the rest of us call it failure. He’s failing to do things that he promised on the campaign trail. We elected Trump because we were tired of getting screwed by politicians who claimed they were going to fight for us and then turned their backs on us. Donald Trump vowed that he would be different, and outside of his extreme wealth, he is a typical American. He appealed to us for those reasons, and now he’s becoming everything he couldn’t stand about other politicians. The election ended 10 months ago and he’s still attacking Hillary Clinton like she’s relevant. We want a leader who’s going to protect our interests as the American people and after last week’s absolute debacle, Donald Trump is becoming the politician we didn’t want. If you claim to be a conservative, do not defend Trump because he was our candidate, defend conservative ideas.

Trump had a rough week, but everyone else had a pretty rough one as well. CNN had a breakdown after a pot stirring sport commentator named Clay Travis spoke about the first amendment and his favorite part of female anatomy. Now, I like Clay Travis and I didn’t like that he said this, but you’ll never hear me talk like him. CNN promotes a lot of ideas much worse than the uttering of anatomy on their shows. Chris Cuomo talking about how someone’s daughter just has to “accept” someone in the bathroom with different parts than them wasn’t considered inappropriate. Kathy Griffin wearing exclusively a bra on New Year’s wasn’t considered inappropriate. Walking around with hats to represent female genitalia wasn’t considered inappropriate. Then all it takes is one guy saying something a little childish to become so flustered it shuts down the show. It just shows the level of bias we have arrived at.

This week also had plenty more of these activities from celebrities and Antifa alike. Antifa has started to come under fire from even liberals but they still feel it their responsibility to oppose a “fascist regime.” Nine were arrested at the successful Ben Shapiro outing, but it once again showed their hypocrisy. Ben may sometimes be pretty callous to feeling, but he has never once tried to incite violence. The only fascism promoted is by those who think that ideas they do not personally agree with can be attacked using force. This is dangerous. If his ideas incite violence, that problem can be addressed by calling the police. However, if you just don’t like the ideas, debate them. So much of what is wrong with the country is that one side believes they are correct and instead of listening and debating, they plug their ears and call other people fascists. It’s asinine. At the Emmy’s (of which I only picked up some highlights), we saw once again why America is so fed up with these liberal tendencies. We had one lady say she was rooting for anyone black. I don’t have a problem with this in general, I do however have a problem with the fact if a white person would have said this, it would have been a symptom of “total white supremacy.” So, when does pride in your race become supremacy like, or does that only happen if you’re white? Furthermore, why do you rejoice in something reliant only on biology and genetics. Why can’t you just be proud of people in their accomplishments? Of course, this idea thrown in the direction of people who spend their entire lives trying to be other people, who literally throw award shows for themselves and have a virtual 100% divorce rate would be seen as hateful, intolerant and bigoted. Stephen King also hopped into action in yet another anti-Trump tirade. This one happened after the Hillary Clinton’s head on a golf ball being hit tweet sent by Donald Trump. As childish and stupid as this tweet was, to call it “effing sick” (I cut out the cursing because I have values) is just dumb. I’ve read about Stephen King’s life and he’s a pretty awful human being, but simply because he opposes Trump’s ideology makes him a hero to “the Resistance”.

We have more controversy brewing in the NFL after Trump called for sons of guns (again, values) to be fired for kneeling for the anthem, and more people knelt for the anthem. Trump was silly to say this and should be more focused on his campaign promises, but all these players coming out and still playing the racial card for every situation just makes this so much dumber. Trump’s statement here was seen as divisive and he does need to understand that at the position he is at now, every word has significantly more power. However, the first amendment does not protect you from being fired if you do something your employer doesn’t like. If you get caught making a Nazi salute, that may be your right, but it’s also the right of your employer to throw you out. The same rights apply to those who kneel to the flag of a country that has overcome so many obstacles to get to the place of pretty much total equality, and still have something to complain about. I would have less of a problem with this protest if the people who did this were actively in their communities trying to help black kids out of poverty, encouraging husbands to stick around, promoting going to school not just sticking to sports. Instead we have a bunch of vile people who have been caught on occasion after occasion doing things other people would’ve been in jail for lecturing us on a “white supremacy” ghost they can only point out in cases of very rare police racial injustice (it does happen, but it’s not as big of a problem as it’s made out to be).

I honestly could go on, like with Jennifer Lawrence proclaiming that these hurricanes are revenge for the election of the current POTUS, but doesn’t explain what the three earthquakes have to do about in Mexico. I guess Cuba, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico all voted in our election. Or the renowned climate change activists in Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore who once again refuse to live like the Amish but continue to lecture Americans who make way less money and way less of a carbon footprint about how they’re killing the polar bears. It’s just the situation we’re living in: a moving target of morality and non-sensical non-arguments. The best thing we as the Americans who aren’t politically elite can do is to listen to arguments and debate them. If you are arguing for a position, you need to be living it. I don’t want to hear about climate change if you’re still driving a car everywhere. I don’t want to hear about racial inequality while you never call out black supremacy or the crime rate found in black neighborhoods. America doesn’t need to be virtue signaled. They need people to find common ground in their ideas and be willing to admit when their idea falls short. If we keep arguing about this by calling out everyone who disagrees as bigots, fascists and white supremacists, no dialogue will ever be created and no solutions will be found.



Alex Newman

Alex Newman is studying History in Tampa, Florida. His dream is to be a teacher so that he can inspire and empower the next generation to truly think for themselves, to build off of the successes and to fix the failures. If you would like to contact Alex, please reach out to him on Twitter @_alpha_flight_.


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