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Don’t Become the Left

During the campaign of Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama coined the phrase, “When they go low, we go high” in reference to the actions of the right side of the spectrum. The violence we’ve seen since then has been done mainly by the left and Antifa (who are more anarchists to me). Lots of inflammatory rhetoric from both sides has become grounds for political violence. While I identify as a conservative, I have no problem calling out hypocrisy.

Many people on the right have been upset over recent actions against Donald Trump in art forms and they have the rights to. The 1st Amendment does mean you get to say what you want but it does not mean you get away without any consequences. Kathy Griffin has been receiving some hard backlash for her bloodied, severed Donald Trump head charade as I believe she deserves. Sponsors have dropped her, her gig at CNN is over and people from both sides of the spectrum condemned this action. Even more recently, Donald Trump was depicted in a free play being assassinated Julius Caesar style. Apparently, the play had also been done with someone who had the likeness of Obama so at least it’s consistent. Do I think it’s okay to present the largest political figure in America being killed when people are constantly attacking and “resisting” every action he makes? No, I think that’s inappropriate. Delta thought so as well, seeing that they pulled their funding from the production.

However, last night White House correspondent Jack Posobiec with others interrupted the play saying the blood of Steve Scalise was on their hands. A lady named Laura Loomer got on stage and had been jailed for speaking out against political violence, and naturally push back against leftist behaviors against conservatives. Seeing what happened made me sick on my stomach. The answer to how to keep free speech alive is not shutting down other’s free speech. The problem we have with Berkley is that Antifa did not let Milo Yiannopoulos speak on his views. Based on that, we should also have a problem with shouting down a production that people were viewing.

Seeing the actions Jack took and political commentator Mark Dice promoting the activity made me sick. Since this past election, all I wanted was for the right to bring back decency, morals and common sense back to America. 8 years under Obama had brought America do its knees and gave the left so much power. America voted in a guy who fought for the little guy and wanted to bring an end to political correctness and intolerance based off identity. A little over 100 days of having Trump in Office and it seems like the right wants to take the same path that the left took. This is unacceptable. We shouldn’t play by the rules other people set, but rather set our standard higher. We should be able to take speech that disagrees with ours and argue the points without shouting down events. We should be placing high values on morality and finding different ways to bring about change than limiting what others can enjoy. It’s early, and I’m hoping other people who are conservative will not use this as justification.



Alex Newman

Alex Newman is studying History in Tampa, Florida. His dream is to be a teacher so that he can inspire and empower the next generation to truly think for themselves, to build off of the successes and to fix the failures. If you would like to contact Alex, please reach out to him on Twitter @_alpha_flight_.


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