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DNC Chairman On Trump – The Irony!

On Monday, DNC Chairman Thomas Perez gave a speech at a rally outside the White House and said he couldn’t even mention Donald Trump’s name. Let’s just note that Perez’s word selection is very familiar with the language that he himself condemns Trump of using.

Take a look at him taking a stand and refusing to utter Donald Trump’s name (very impressively adding spanish tongue into his speech):

However, it doesn’t seem like Perez has a problem using foul language! On March 31st at an event hosted by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance in Newark, Perez stated, “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people.” Then in Portland, he offered us this beauty:

Then in April, according to CNN Politics, Perez told an audience in Las Vegas ( (with children present by the way), that President Trump “doesn’t give a sh*t about health care.”

Remember when the Democrats were using Donald Trump’s SAME language against him in the election cycle? I do:




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