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Divided We Fall

I woke up early to visit my city of Atlanta on Friday the 12th. Right when I woke up and hopped on Twitter, I saw the torches of people who proclaim they “want their country back” or as James Allsup said, “What I witnessed was the return of America.” Man, did that make me sick. Antifa and the Alt-Right clashed and I was really sad to see people on the right justifying it as “people who want to save their race.” I’m a conservative partially because I wanted to be focused on my ideas not my skin color. The Alt-Right is the leftism we’ve been fighting against for so long and here it is, appearing on the right. Unfortunately, they also justify it just like children: “But they did it first!”

I want to be straightforward and honest here; this rally really made me uncomfortable and true constitutional conservatives should separate themselves as far as we can from these imbeciles. I’m just as American as any citizen of this great country. Men of all colors fought for my people to get out of slavery and to get equal rights. I get it, BLM is bad and if you’ve read my other articles, you know I can’t stand them. I’m standing against the alt-right for the same reasons. Melanin does not give you rights. Freedom of speech is absolute but I will continue to stand against bad ideas and ideas based exclusively on someone’s looks. The people who promoted the ideas that “they” are America based on ethnicity was an offensive and ugly look. Antifa showed up and made matters worse, meeting words with a fist. The violence in the streets came straight out of a history book covering the 1960’s. It even resulted in a death of a young woman and my prayers are with her family and I hope the man responsible is dealt with justly.

I also prayed that when people woke up, they would disavow the behavior of the alt-right. I was overjoyed to see so many people I’m friends with or simply followed call out this pathetic and selfish behavior. Donald Trump made a general statement on Saturday and a direct strong statement on Monday towards white supremacists. I appreciated his talk on Monday because as a voter, I felt like the president was going to fight for me and from his statement, I believe he is. I was nervous because of the influence Bannon is having he wouldn’t say what he needed to say, but he said what he needed to. Regardless, it’s never enough for the media or any lefties. People called him out, claiming there was only “one side”, because God-forbid people who are on the left receive any condemnation. He keeps using the words “both sides” and most people don’t understand there were obviously two sides: jerk white nationalists and the ironically named Antifa. The kneejerk reaction of everybody from your local leftist to Lebron James, Jimmy Fallon and Lady Gaga is to say there is only “one side”. This is a TERRIFYING precedent.

The “one side” they see is the white supremacists. They don’t see the other side because it’s the side they agree with. It’s the side they relate to. They may not be out in the street inciting violence but they encourage this behavior because they believe in it. They believe in the free speech of one side. They believe that ideas from one side are the only ones who can be right. The three people I mentioned above did not even mention anything about the Dallas Sniper last year. That’s telling of how these people really feel; not only about Donald Trump but their fear of ideological differences. If we could sit people down together, debate ideas and come to a consensus we wouldn’t have marching in the streets like the KKK or beating the daylights out of people.

The First Amendment is absolute. I will repeat this until I keel over. Everybody in this country has opinion that is offensive to someone else. If we restrict one person’s speech it will keep moving forward. When you give an inch, it will go a mile. It’s a cycle repeated in America and I believe Trump made an excellent point about that today when it came to the statues (which this whole shindig was originally about). How far does it go? You take down the statue of Robert E. Lee because of slaves, what stops us from taking down George Washington for his slaves? An argument could be made against having confederate statues in public, but do we start erasing these characters from history books? When do we stop? We all have different opinions about this and that surely but if we try to fight each other and use buzzwords instead of actual arguments, events like Charlottesville will unfortunately happen again.

The UNITED States of America needs to stop separating each other into colors, into sexualities, into ideologies. We need to learn to seek diversity of the mind and receive the best of the best. It is a bit of Donald Trump’s job to truly be our leader but it’s our responsibility to be fair thinkers. I found myself agreeing with a lot of leftists this weekend who came out attacking the Nazi presence at this rally (not the punching part) and I’ll agree when Donald Trump falls short, I will call him out for it. Separating ourselves into groups only makes us weaker.

Wrapping this up:

White Supremacy: Evil.

Nazis: Evil.

Antifa: Evil.

If you condemn one of these groups but not all, you are part of the problem.

If you attack words with political violence, you are part of the problem.

If you believe in discrimination, including against white people (some people can’t get it through their skulls), you are part of the problem.

If you believe in identity politics, or that your opinion matters more because of the melanin in your skin, you’re part of the problem.

Stop being divisive to be divisive. Debate and make arguments for or against instead of taking to the streets for every problem. In general, Americans agree more than we disagree. Unfortunately, we let the little things split us to pieces. We’re better than this.



Alex Newman

Alex Newman is studying History in Tampa, Florida. His dream is to be a teacher so that he can inspire and empower the next generation to truly think for themselves, to build off of the successes and to fix the failures. If you would like to contact Alex, please reach out to him on Twitter @_alpha_flight_.


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