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Episode 13 - Trump pulls out, Democrats go berserk and Total Biscuit passes

SP talks about Trump's foreign policy, Seattle's tax proposal, Ireland's abortion vote and Total Biscuit's death.

EPISODE 12 - Youtube shooting, Saudi Prince's and Illinois' Gun Ban

The team dives into the Youtube HQ shooting, Israel issues, Mark Zuckerberg in Washington and Illinois' military weapon ban.

Episode 11 - The Amazon Hogg

Sensical Politics takes on President Trump's attack on Amazon, David Hogg's rejections, the Omnibus Bill and more.

Episode 10 - Lobbying is Constitutional? Do we even need a Constitution?

Sensical Politics discusses the NRA and lobbying groups, shooting victims, the Opioid Epidemic and government necessity.

Episode 9 - Should the F.B.I. have done something? Florida Shooting

Does the F.B.I. have a right to arrest someone before they've committed a crime?

Episode 8 - SpaceX and the DOW CRASHING??

The team discusses the SpaceX launch, the mini stock market crash, what makes society good and much more!


SP talks on the intense story of FBI collusion, talks Trump's State of the Union speech and much more!

Episode 6 - NEW AND IMPROVED "'This is going to be lit' - Jeremy Halt

Sensical Politics is back with video! Listen now.

Episode 5 - Gun Laws in Las Vegas

Sensical Politics discusses the Las Vegas shooting and other current events.

Episode 4 - The Great CNN Meme Hunt

The crew takes on Trump meme and much more.

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