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Citing Islamic Terrorist Facts Doesn’t Make You Racist

According to The Global Terrorism Index, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Syria are the top 5 countries in the world affected by the most terrorism. This should come as no surprise considering that all of the listed countries are overwhelmingly majority Islamic, aside from Nigeria which is split between Islam and Christianity. Islamic extremists are continuing to grow in number, and it is simply not true that only a small percentage of Muslims believe in the radical jihad of Islam or Sharia Law.

Jihada struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam or a spiritual struggle within oneself against sin.

According to Bernard Lewis, a “significant number of sof Muslims are ready to approve, and a few of them to apply, this interpretation of this religion,” referring to the Quran and its jihad view. As Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim moderate states:

Between the five countries listed above, it is believed that nearly 78 percent of global terrorism-related deaths occurred in those five countries alone ( Although Islam claims itself to be the “religion of peace” it has a broken view of how its core beliefs should to be interpreted.

According to Pew Research and verified by Politifact, 99 percent of the people in Afghanistan support oppressive Sharia law. Sharia law is what the prophet Muhammad determined should be the way Muslims live their lives. Sadly though, Sharia Law, as documented in the Quran, has some pretty severe laws that are directly in contention with Western Civilization. These laws include that men are “a degree above women” (Quran 2:228), encourages slavery of women (Quran 30:50), does not permit homosexuality (Quran 7:80-84, 4:16), as well as stating that Islam does not allow freedom of speech (Quran 4:49).

Of course, as with pretty much any religion, there are plenty of believers of Islam that do not partake or believe in the ideology of Sharia Law. However, as stated above, there are many that do support it. Simply stating these fact is not racist, because for something to be racist there has to be intent. A fact does not have intent.

Just to symbolize the congruence between intent and racism, let’s use this short example. Say a man works at a restaurant and refuses to seat a person of color. There could be plenty of reasons why he didn’t seat him – maybe the restaurant was full or the restaurant was closing.

That action of not seating the customer itself is not racist. It is the intent behind the action that determines if it is racist. If he didn’t seat him because of the color of the customer’s skin, then that is racist. Any other reason, and it is not.

We need to stop treating as if talking about facts involving radical Islam, racial issues, women’s rights or anything else controversial is racist, sexist, or homophobic simply for addressing facts. Once we go down that road, we are asking for a world that does not accept truth as truth and immediately shuts down any conversation that could be deemed as controversial.




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