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Does the US Women’s Soccer Team Want Their Country to Win or Lose? While everyone, both on the Left and

Here we have a compare and contrast between two crazy, eccentric men of power, one being real and the other

In 2016, the tension between the fight for religious liberty and the fight against discrimination came to a climax at

Last Spring, I was sitting in an art appreciation class during a discussion on Government censorship. After a bit of

Growing up in West Central Illinois, I was exposed to, and lived in small town, rural, culture. Despite living in

During the campaign of Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama coined the phrase, “When they go low, we go high” in reference

If you’re heavily involved in day-to-day politics or even only slightly informed, chances are you have come across someone who

On Monday, DNC Chairman Thomas Perez gave a speech at a rally outside the White House and said he couldn’t

Recently at a riot that these idiots are calling “protests”, Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, was punched for doing nothing

Over the past week, President Donald Trump has been busy with Executive Orders, specifically 17 since he took office on


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