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Earlier this year, I wrote an article explaining how the snap election that Theresa May called for might help stabilize

It is currently June. The US presidential election was in November. Why are we still hearing about potential Russian hacking

On Tuesday, May 9th, 2017, President Donald Trump surprisingly released FBI Director James Comey from his duty as leader of

The upcoming British Prime Minister election is, for the most part, a single-issue election. The big issue at play? Brexit.

It is very terrifying that my generation is so interested in socialism. The amount of support the democratic socialist senator

In the past month, sales of George Orwell’s 1984 have risen, which has some individuals on the Left claiming that

against Trump’s temporary travel ban on heavily terrorist run third world countries, saying "The government has pointed to no evidence...

In the news this week, the UN voted on a resolution which demands that Israel “immediately and completely cease all

A major occur happened on December 4th 2016: Italy voted on a constitutional referendum that was proposed by their former

Denying Syrian refugees access to the United States looks heartless at first glance. We're not saying we deny all help


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