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It’s not fun to fail, nor does it seem very rewarding at face value. Take my late 20s to early

Recently, there has been a huge scandal in the media about Apple secretively slowing down their older iPhone models. People

The next time you get in a car and start driving, I want you to take a second and look

Part 1 - Antitrust Laws and Regulation According to the Constitution’s Preamble of the United States, the federal government’s responsibility

Time and time again, we are bombarded with charts and graphs displaying the immense income gap between the top 1%

Over the past couple weeks, people on both sides of the aisle have been talking about President Trump’s new tax

There is one idea that is held by most democrats which I have never really been able to understand. It

I’ve got a new business model. We create a company that forces people to pay us money, because if they

Should the government force its citizens to pay for healthcare? Should the government play the parental role and say, “I

Remember when the Left wanted fast food workers to receive 15 dollars an hour, even after being warned that in


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