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A few Saturdays ago nationwide, there was a protest called March for our Lives. It was started by some survivors

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear,”

When a disease breaks out, we analyze data for how we can find a cure.  When a natural disaster strikes,

It seems to be a popular issue these days. Especially since the 2016 election, but beyond that to the election

When the loud and unabashed chant “Make America Great Again” became the rallying cry for the Trump campaign in 2016,

This article is in response to Patrick Hauf’s article “4 Reasons Conservatives Oppose the Death Penalty.” I encourage one to

Among the issues that the right finds pressing, including liberal bias on campus, drug legalization, and abortion, there is a

This month started off grim for the Republican party. The last time a Democratic Senator from Alabama was elected, it

Lately, there has been almost countless numbers of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations against celebrities, politicians, and a host of

I wrote this piece after reading an article in my school newspaper which addressed the controversy surrounding Lindsay Shepherd—a TA


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