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Jeremy Halt

Jeremy Halt attends school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and seeks out the truth in an ever misinformed, information-saturated environment. If you have any questions for Jeremy about his work, please contact him via Twitter @NerdwFro.

I never was a religious person. Sure, I sat in church for maybe eight to ten years of my life

The debate over Net Neutrality has been going on for years now. Net Neutrality is a complex issue surrounding the

When the smoke cleared nearly a year ago and Donald Trump emerged as the victor of the 2016 presidential election,

The year of 2017 is near its end, the national deficit continues to balloon, Obamacare is still in place, amnesty

In our age of mass politics, a time where anybody and everybody can and ought to be involved with the

Ever since Black Lives Matter launched as a nationwide movement, it has been the subject of numerous controversies from lies

There are crazy individuals out there, surprising I know. There are those who would truly wish for nothing less than

There were many of us, myself included, who celebrated the night when Donald Trump won the presidency. It was a

Since the days of the Civil War, America has not seen violence that was openly threatening to its functioning government.

Described as one of the three branches of the American federalist republic, the judiciary holds significant pull in terms of


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