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It’s is likely that you have heard people talk about the Nunes memo that was released slightly over a week

Recently, there has been a huge scandal in the media about Apple secretively slowing down their older iPhone models. People

Memorable Quotes from TPUSA's Student Action Summit 2017   Donald Trump Jr In reference to American foreign policy, “ Let’s

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced their plans to dismantle the net neutrality regulations that have been issues of

The next time you get in a car and start driving, I want you to take a second and look

This is a passage taken from the book Atlas Shrugged. It is written by Ayn Rand and is a powerful

You have a right to end your life. At least, that is according to the US government. Currently, it is

There is one idea that is held by most democrats which I have never really been able to understand. It

I’ve got a new business model. We create a company that forces people to pay us money, because if they

With TrumpCare still being a widely debated issue on whether or not it is a useful policy, there are a


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