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A Plea For A Better Republican Party

There were many of us, myself included, who celebrated the night when Donald Trump won the presidency. It was a narrow triumph over the absolute monstrosity of a Hillary Clinton presidency, and to this I was glad enough. Then everyone on the Right got their hopes up over Trump now leading the Republican party in an extraordinary new time. That was fun, right?

Truth be told Trump was never really on the side of the Republicans at all. He has rejected traditional morality all his life which can be shown from his eccentric celebrity lifestyle that he kept massively public for much longer than some of us have been alive. It was clear during the primaries he rejected knowledge of economics and principle of small government as well. However, everyone turns around shocked when Trump tries to pass his AHCA (American Health Care Act) that is essentially a reskinning of Obamacare.

It is too early to tell if this will continue its current path, but the Republican party will lose all it has gained in the Federal Government if it does. They are not meant to be Trump’s lapdogs, they are meant to hold Trump accountable. Conservatives and Republicans talk of how a President is too powerful and that an executive should be performing only tasks designed for them, but then “one of them” gets in office and suddenly there is only surrender of power. The Republicans truly deserve to lose everything they got if this is the style of governing they have chosen. They do not get to make excuses or say, “Well… The Democrats do this.” If there is no difference between the parties save for name, then why have both?

The media have their sirens on constantly, there are many problems, there are many problems that are being ignored, there are many problems that are not really problems, and everyone hates one another. A bit of an exaggeration at the end, but the point still stands that we are amongst a nest of hypocrisy and selfishly driven narrative weaving.

Not only that, there is no good guy to save us, as the Republican party now gets to own the man who is exactly the opposite. They can either stand up and save this soon to be ruinous presidency, or they can watch in horror as Americans will turn to the far more extreme Democratic party for their answers since Republicans can’t be bothered to pass anything meaningful when they can and should be doing so.

The Republican party is the only party in this country’s history that will succumb to defeat while nearly grasping victory. They need to find newfound focus and fast, or else something far worse than Hillary will be in that White House in four years.



Jeremy Halt

Jeremy Halt attends school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and seeks out the truth in an ever misinformed, information-saturated environment. If you have any questions for Jeremy about his work, please contact him via Twitter @NerdwFro.


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