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A Logical Approach to Abortion

With TrumpCare still being a widely debated issue on whether or not it is a useful policy, there are a variety of arguments for both sides that appear. However, one that seems to keep popping up is the effect that TrumpCare will have on women and their access to abortions. This article isn’t going to directly address TrumpCare’s effect on abortion, but will instead cover the argument in favor of keeping a baby alive.

There are a large number of pro-life arguments so I will try and break up each argument into its own paragraph(s).

The first thing I would like to address is the legality. Nearly every time I start discussing whether or not abortion should be illegal, someone chimes in that morality plays no part in legality. While I usually ignore this comment because I think it is trying to divert to purpose of the discussion, I would like to make a quick point about the “legality” issue. My understanding is that laws should be impartial and continuous overall. So then let me tell you a short story to try and demonstrate that laws about murdering babies are not universal.

Let’s say that I have a pregnant wife who is then murdered. The murderer would be charged in a court of law with DOUBLE homicide. Homicide is defined as “the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another.” For some reason, when the killer ends the pregnant woman’s life, the fetus is considered a human being. However, if it is a doctor that is ending the fetus’ life, then the fetus is not considered a human being under law.

This is what gets me so annoyed at the idea of arguing the “legality” of abortion. One might look at the definition of homicide and say, “Notice that it says ‘unlawful killing of one person by another’ and since abortions are legal, it is not murder or homicide.” What kind of circular reasoning is that? We shouldn’t argue the legality because that is what we are arguing about. Our laws should be based on some sort of objective or unbiased set of rules (i.e. morality). Otherwise everything we say is just semantics and quite trivial.

Now that one can see that arguing legality is quite useless, it is time to address the morality side. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with an objective set of morals, but in this case I will be making the assumption that murder is immoral. Therefore, by using a syllogism, if murder is immoral and abortion is murder then abortion is murder.

Is an abortion murder? According to the law it isn’t, but what about logic? Let’s first define murder. According to the dictionary, murder is “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.” Disregarding the “unlawful” part since it would be circular to argue against, we can definitively say that if abortion is premeditated and kills another human being, then it is murder.

Is abortion premeditated? The dictionary defines premeditated as “to think out or plan (an action, especially a crime) beforehand.” Unless an abortion doctor sneaks into your room while you’re sleeping and performs it then, abortion is premeditated. The woman decides beforehand to visit the clinic and to have the abortion.

Does abortion kill another human being? Everything before this point has been relatively easy to see. Convincing someone that a fetus is a human is a tricky part, but if you think about it for a bit, the answer should seem obvious. If there was a breakin at a restaurant but nothing was stolen, how do the police determine if the trespasser was a wandering animal or a malicious human? They use DNA evidence. DNA can give information about what species a being is and can be used to identify possible culprits. So if DNA from a crime scene matches the characteristics of human DNA, then the thing that committed the crime is considered a human.

What do you think happens if we test the DNA of a fetus? That’s right, it will be shown to be human. It will also be a distinct pattern that is different from the mother, the father, or any other human to ever exist. If this DNA were to be tested without having any knowledge of the situation, scientists would claim that the thing that produced the DNA was a human. Therefore, a fetus is a human.

The last step is whether or not the abortion is killing. Killing is defined as the “act of causing the end of an organism’s life.” Does abortion end an organism’s life? Biologically speaking a fetus is alive and after an abortion it is not. Clearly abortion is killing.

Now that we have shown that abortion is both premeditated and the killing of a human being, we can say that abortion is murder. Since murder is immoral and abortion is murder, abortion is immoral and should not be legal.

Author’s Note: I know abortion can be a rather controversial and emotional debate, but I did my best to approach it from a purely definition and logical standpoint. If you have any comments or criticism regarding my methods, leave them in the comments below. I’d love to get a chance to read and respond to any of them.




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