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Recently, there has been a huge scandal in the media about Apple secretively slowing down their older iPhone models. People

Propagated in 1945, the United Nations was intended to ensure peace and fight for human rights. The United States has

This month started off grim for the Republican party. The last time a Democratic Senator from Alabama was elected, it

Lately, there has been almost countless numbers of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations against celebrities, politicians, and a host of

Turning Point USA’s “Student Action Summit” is an annual event that hosts the top conservative speakers of the movement. The

Memorable Quotes from TPUSA's Student Action Summit 2017   Donald Trump Jr In reference to American foreign policy, “ Let’s

The Great Depression and by extent the New Deal forever changed the mindset of Americans. Gone was the mindset of

I wrote this piece after reading an article in my school newspaper which addressed the controversy surrounding Lindsay Shepherd—a TA

“Race is real, race matters, race is the foundation of identity” The conservative movement is gaining steam and it’s not

For over 150 years, the thought of a communist, utopian, society has captivated the minds of millions all over the


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