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The upcoming British Prime Minister election is, for the most part, a single-issue election. The big issue at play? Brexit.

I, as well as I assume everyone else, hates to see limp, bloodied, lifeless passengers being dragged along the aisle

Since the days of the Civil War, America has not seen violence that was openly threatening to its functioning government.

Described as one of the three branches of the American federalist republic, the judiciary holds significant pull in terms of

Numer 1: Heathcare - Control healthcare and you control the people. That's correct, it happened in Cuba. As soon as

Scalia was an excellent Supreme Court judge and Trump, nearly 3 months ago, chose a great successor, Neil M. Gorsuch.

It is very terrifying that my generation is so interested in socialism. The amount of support the democratic socialist senator

In a blink of an eye and a swift swipe of a pen, opportunities and livelihoods are on the brink


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