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The term, affirmative action, was popularized by John F. Kennedy in 1961 as a way to help those who had

Arguably, Donald Trump’s victory has been said to be similar to Reagan’s in 1980. How similar are the two candidates?

Let’s start this off by finding some common ground. We all agree that college tuition is an astronomical price that’s

In order to have a strong stance in politics, and in anything in life in general, you have to stay

Ronald Reagan could arguably be one of the greatests conservative presidents we have ever had, discluding the classics such as

People have been lied to. They’ve been lied to about what their rights are, and what their rights are not.

Something that many people don’t seem to understand is the Laffer curve. Now for those readers who do not have

In the past 50 years, births to mothers who are unmarried rose enormously from the average being slightly under 10%


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